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FeSiMgRe granule
1. Production technology:
FeSiMgRe is composed of silicon, calcium, magnesium, rare earth by remelting, it is an excellent nodulizer with strong effect of deoxidation and desulfurization. Ferrosilicon and Ce-La mish metal, or rare earth silicon and magnesium is the main raw materials of FeSiMgalloy. The production of FeSiMgis performed in submerged arc furnace, medium frequency furnace can also be used.
2. Product application:
Nodulizer with magnesium content4%, 5%, 5.5%, and Re between 1% to 2% is usually used in medium frequency furnace production and low sulfur iron water process. It has an advantage of mild nodulizing reaction and elements easy to absorb. Magnesium content of 6% 7% are medium magnesium nodulizer, usually used in cupola and electric furnace duplex smelting, or smelting of pearlite ductile iron castings in medium frequency furnace. Determining appropriate nodulizing agent addition amount according to the thickness of casting part and the sulphur content of iron water, which has wide application andbroad nodulizing process. Series of high magnesium nodulizer, suitable for cupola, iron water of sulphur content 0.06%-0.09%, addition amount is between 1.6%-2.0%. Low aluminium nodulizer is used to produce casting parts easily  to have pinhole defect and the casting having aluminum content requirements in the molten iron. Pure Ce&La nodulizer has pure molten iron, round graphite ball.after nodulizing process.low price Rare Earth Silicon Magnesium Alloy

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